A Stroll through Arcadia


Arcadia is home to many mid-century ranch homes and has recently become a hotbed of construction to update and even build from scratch as property values have come back and are so good. Here are some great areas to stroll in this coveted neighborhood:

A. Whitwood
A small, single loop just south of Lafayette Boulevard at 51st Street, this community is a safe little retreat close to Hopi Elementary.

B. Arcadia Manors
Perhaps a perfect slice of life in Arcadia, this neighborhood is all of Arcadia Lane, off of Camelback, and swings east to Jokake Road.

C. Jokake Terrace and Villa
This area is south of Lafayette and includes many winding tree-lined streets surrounding Calle Tuberia and Calle Del Paisano.

D. Exeter Boulevard
This tree-lined street boasts everything from quaint Arcadia homes to multi-room mansions, with looks that range from mid-century ranch to exposed-brick colonial.

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