Buck &Rider

Down-under in our backyard


The intriguingly named eatery at the bustling intersection of Camelback and 44th Street looks like a transplant from another time and place — for good reason, too. Built from the ground up by the same people who give us Chelsea’s Kitchen, Buck &Rider was inspired by a beach house in a coastal town in Australia. A unique concept that brings the sea to the dining table, this fun-vibe space is at once open and cozy, fresh and simple in a comfortably casual atmosphere. There’s nothing casual about the service, though — it’s impeccable.

The wave of fresh seafood includes a raw bar and sushi, among other culinary delights — all the freshest ingredients and combinations of tastes that will please the most discerning coastal culinary enthusiast. Try the Seafood Bar for the freshest of oysters, Gulf shrimp, Alaskan king crab and stone crab claws, with your choice of cocktail sauce, mignonette, cognac mustard sauce, Thai dipping sauce or horseradish.

Or sit outside at LGO Hospitality’s de rigueur patio and enjoy such classics as New England clam chowder, which is a creamy and well-seasoned rendition. There are unique dishes that will quickly become local favorites and classics in their own right. The Spicy #1 Tuna Tostadas are made with rustic escabeche, avocado and jalapeños. Also headed for prime time is the Seaweed Superfood Salad, a three-seaweed blend tossed with cucumbers, avocado and macadamia nuts in a light sesame dressing. It is light and very good for the soul.

And the name, you ask? Buck &Rider (no, that’s not a typo) refers to the term crab fishermen have for — you should have guessed — mating crabs.

Buck &Rider is open for lunch and dinner.

Buck &Rider
4225 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix
(602) 346-0110

Buck-nRider-CrabDipDeviled Crab Dip

This house signature dish is made with red potatoes, sliced watermelon radish, and biscuit crackers (gluten-free and house-made). $12

Buck-nRider-YourMoneyYourLifeYour Money or Your Life

One of the more popular cocktail choices, this is made with Old Forester Bourbon, Bénédictine, Combier and orange bitters. $11



orange-tree-orchard-white-baseConsidering that “LGO” stands for “La Grande Orange” …

Old-time Phoenicians may take this for granted, but newcomers may wonder about Phoenix’s idiosyncrasy of painting the trunks of citrus trees. Well, citrus trees share a trait with us humans — being susceptible to sunburn. When young citrus plants are pruned as trees rather than left to grow naturally as shrubs, the small canopy that’s left provides scant shade and their thin-barked trunks need to be protected from sunburn. So, to protect trees and ensure the fruit develops juicy and sweet, the trunks are painted with a non-oil-based white trunk paint.



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