Catered to You

Great local caterers to partner with this season

Courtesy of AJ’s Fine Foods

Let’s face it — fall is the party season in Phoenix. It’s a good time for parties of all types, with family, friends and even work. Chances are you’ll be planning one of these events, and it’s important to have a network of people and companies to rely on. Here are local caterers that are easy to work with and that you can trust to help deliver an awesome party.

Flexibility is always a good thing, and that’s where AJ’s Fine Foods comes in. With catering menus for appetizers, seafood, salads, buffets, dinners and desserts, its food choices can almost be more intimidating than its in-store iced tea selection. The good news is, you have a one-stop shop for any and all types of events. The “Elegant Dinners” option offers classic cuts of meat like prime rib, roast and even lamb. Add a chef station to carve your meat and a few bartenders, and you’re free to enjoy your party. For events big and small, AJ’s is the wise obvious choice.

When entertaining for people you’re really looking to impress, make the call to Jennifer’s Catering. Under the direction of Jennifer Russo, all of the culinary delights here are meticulously cooked, assembled and presented in a meaningful way. There are plenty of light options as well as options to stuff you silly. If you’re looking to be unique, try the Mongolian barbeque, where your guests can fill their bowls with a protein, choice of vegetable, noodles and sauce while one of Jennifer’s chefs stir-fries on the spot. She also does box lunches and brunches with just as much attention to detail.

The classic neighborhood restaurant The Vig does catering with the same spirit you find in the restaurants — friendly, affordable and uniquely Arizona. The local flair of this Genuine Concepts restaurant translates to its food. Although The Vig doesn’t offer a huge catering menu like the others, it does have a simple selection of crowd pleasers that include bruschettas, sliders and the hot vings (yes, the hot vings are the same deliciously mood-boosting chicken wings served in-restaurant).

Avoid the headaches and stress. Enjoy the party, and leave it to the caterer to have your back.

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