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Goldwater Brewing Co.

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About Us

That’s right, three decades of learning and mastering one of the oldest and most revered trades in history. Hopefully that can paint a picture of how far ahead Chad, Dillon, and Jimmy are on the curve, thanks to their dad, father-in-law, and lifelong brewing mentor Greg McClelland. Goldwater is the first brewery in Old Town Scottsdale to brew on site, which means you’re getting the freshest, tastiest version of the beer. When you have a brewery just passing the two and a half year mark that possesses over 30 years of brewing experience, be prepared to witness, and taste, history. This brewery is truly one of a kind, considering all of the perfect pieces that were orchestrated by Greg McClelland to foster Goldwater Brewing. In order to create the beautiful beverage that we call craft beer, you must incorporate four main ingredients: water, barley, hops, and yeast. Mix and blend these ingredients and you’ve got yourself a delicious Goldwater brew, and most importantly, the symbolic concoction that is the brewery itself. If you take away just one of these key ingredients, the brew and its home will be forever incomplete.

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