Historic Scottsdale: Live, Work and Play in the Early 20th Century

Take a peek back in time with Historic Scottsdale: Live, Work and Play in the Early 20th Century, a newly curated photo exhibition being shown at the Gallery @ Appaloosa Library.

This exhibition features dozens of historic photographs in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Bennie Gonzales-designed Scottsdale City Hall and Civic Center Library in October 1968. Scottsdale Public Art is hosting this exhibition in conjunction with the city’s other Scottsdale Celebrate ‘68 events in October.

The exhibition is designed to help modern residents imagine what life was like in Scottsdale 50 to 100 years ago. Through these photographs, visitors will peer through windows into the past, observing the pioneers of Scottsdale and how they lived their lives, from farming and ranching to recreation and the beginnings of tourism and health care. The photographs depict ordinary folks shopping at the general store, building canals, hunting and riding in early automobiles. Children attended classes at the Little Red School House and eventually Scottsdale High School. They swam in the canals — when it was still allowed — and played marbles on dirt roads.


Appaloosa Library
7377 E. Silverstone Dr., Scottsdale

(480) 874-4645.


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