Go and Get for Dad

A Father’s Day geography of gift buying


Fit for a king! Dad knows best! Wait ’til father gets home! These are what dad wants to hear around Father’s Day. But the question is, what does Dad want for Father’s Day? One would think that Mom would be the hardest to buy for, but it turns out, it is good ol’ Dad. So some gifts to consider really are best thought of when you break them down by geography.

It’s about the backyard barbecue — all sorts of utensils, grill covers, grill cleaners or even various foods and marinades are the perfect gift for this dad. From patio lounge chairs to that perfect new nursery gift card, dads who love the backyard will love the outdoor gifts.

How about the garage — the family cannot go wrong if Dad is a real car buff or handyman. For this dad, it is all about the garage, from new tools or yard equipment to car detail kits and shelving. This area means dads get to get away and work on their favorite projects and become one with their new gift.

Dad’s closet is an Eden for gift ideas. Yes, the typical tie and dress shirt combo is always a welcome gift, but what about a shoeshine kit or a great pair of black or tan shoes for Dad? From cuff links to a new bow tie for his tux — Dad will delight in those essentials that make him look sharp.

Finally, the bar — dads love to get away and enjoy their favorite drink. From a great set of beer mugs to his favorite liquor, that family won’t go wrong if they please Dad with something that will certainly go straight to his head.

Give the Gift

Here are some special items you may not have thought of:


The Chillsner

Anyone who loves an ice-cold beer will love the only in-bottle, drink-through beer chiller. Just freeze the Chillsner®, insert into any bottled beer, press firmly to create an airtight seal, and enjoy. Respect the beer. Keep it cool to the last sip. $16.99


Harry’s Shave Kit

Just for Father’s Day, this kit includes your choice of foaming gel or shave cream, a limited edition Winston Razor Handle, razor stand, three German-engineered shave cartridges and a travel blade. $40


MVMT Leather Watch

Dad loves to be asked what time it is, and the MVMT watch line is an affordable and reliable brand that Dad will love. Many styles to choose from, and price ranges from $95 to $140.


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