Like New: The Car Wash Evolves

We’re keeping it clean in the vicinity

The days of washing your own car seem to be gone in world where a clean, shiny vehicle is a must — and all the more valued in a dusty, dry domain like the Valley. Driving in and getting “the works” or a “VIP” carwash is as easy as knowing where to go. It’s all “location, location, location” in our vicinity, with simple solutions from the quick “express” wash to the full “detail.”

Water waste, long lines and taking hours to complete a wash are things of the past. Today, car wash companies are all about satisfying the customer and getting it done fast. It’s a quality wash job (with the exception of a few wet spots here and there), and a wax and other options can be added on as well.

Taking just a little longer but providing a higher level of service, the Lindstrom Family Auto Wash on Indian School Road has been hand-washing and -drying cars for decades. The quality products used and the attention to detail ensure a first-class experience (as carwashes go) and a spotless outcome. With gleaming tires and even a fresh scent, your car is good to go for another week at least. Many services, including hand-detailing, are offered.

Jacksons Car Wash purchased Danny’s Family Car Wash, the local trailblazer and longtime leader in luxe one-stop car care, in August 2014. Jacksons is a convenience store business in five states that continues to create a sense of luxury in the most unlikely of places — this time, a car wash. It offers oil changes and other car care services.

So many new and competitive ways to wash the car — Quick N Clean Car Wash, located in Old Town Scottsdale, has a monthly fee program and a rewards program that can entice pulling in each week to keep your vehicle dust-free.

Many of the local car washes know that customers are coming in frequently, and each offers various discounts and loyalty programs to keep the dirty clean. Drive in or go online to check on each of their programs and stay clean as you drive through our vicinity and beyond. Through cost-effective technologies, this car cleaner has been awarded for their concept of keeping it simple and low cost.

Hosed and Wiped

Jacksons Car Wash

The company invested millions in renovating the sublime waiting areas, upgrading the wash and service equipment to be state-of-the-art, and building an inventory of the highest-quality car-care products on the market.
1954 E. Highland Ave., Phoenix
(602) 277-8877

Lindstrom Family Auto Wash

The business uses the finest professional Maguire® products to make your vehicle sparkle like brand new. And its free email newsletters keep customers in-the-know.
3003 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix
(602) 957-8402

Quick N Clean Car Wash

The company’s vision is to offer a high-end, first-class car wash and services at an affordable price by using state-of-the-art technology to reduce cost.

7501 E. Indian School Rd., Scottsdale
(480) 444-8060

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