Modern Furnishings

It’s not your old-fashioned furniture store anymore


In an era when vintage everything is all the rage, furniture retailers in our vicinity stay relevant by giving customers what secondhand stores can’t: custom pieces.

“Custom upholstery and wood finishes are definitely where customers are driving the market,” says Kate Clegg, chief marketing officer at Arhaus.

More options go hand-in-hand with brighter colors and bolder patterns. Justin Yoshida, furniture expert at Crate and Barrel, explains, “Color is huge right now. Beige is no longer the go-to.”

All this vibrancy joins a more general shake-up in how people define their personal style. “Ten years ago, someone’s house was either modern or classic. These days, people are more willing to mix it up,” says Yoshida. So what exactly are people calling this new style? “‘Eclectic’ is a word we hear thrown around a lot,” says Clegg.

The other buzzword right now is “quality.” Whereas “bonded leather was all the rage a few years ago,” Yoshida explains, today’s consumer is more discerning. And Clegg shares, “Fine Italian leathers, cabinets hand-painted in the Swiss Alps — that’s what our customers want.”

Good news for us desert dwellers: long the arena of plastic and rubber, outdoor furniture is also benefitting from this upswing in quality. “The ability to live outside 365 days a year has us very excited,” says Clegg. Premium woods like teak, fabrics in striking colors and patterns — our vicinity just got a whole lot brighter.


Custom upholstery down to the tiniest detail, funky light fixtures and exotic materials, plus a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces from Indonesia to the Swiss Alps, all lend Arhaus’s new Biltmore showroom an eclectic, elegant air.

2502 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix
(602) 840-3198

Crate and Barrel

Find high-quality materials and clean lines, along with variety of styles and prices to fit any budget. Be it a sleek leather sofa or a brass bar cart, rest assured a stroll through Crate and Barrel’s artful Scottsdale showroom will bring something new to light no matter your home’s aesthetic.

7014-604 E. Camelback Rd., Scottsdale
(480) 945-1500

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