Modern Living: Urban Style Among It All


Undeniable charm is attracting more and more people to our neighborhoods, and the demand for housing continues to grow. Breaking away from the trademark stucco suburbs so blandly prevalent in the Southwest, these pioneers in luxury living break tradition and create new guidelines for “modern living.”

Because of the local amenities and convenience to everything happening in this vicinity, developers have been bringing some great concepts and projects to our area. Safari Drive, a unique modern property, was a game-changer when it went up on the canal in Old Town Scottsdale years ago. To its modern, urban style and its artistic mixed-use concept, residents flocked, eager to occupy this work of art — although it was slow to start.

Since then, we have seen Scottsdale Waterfront, the tallest properties in Scottsdale, at the corner of Camelback and Scottsdale roads. Properties of this type are seen elsewhere in America and are common among beachfront properties, but are a first for Scottsdale — at least to their extent. They include urban shopping, dining and services to accommodate residents and provide them every amenity.

The Optima properties, of which we have three in our vicinity — Biltmore, Camelview Village and the new Sonoran Village — are each architectural wonders that boast award-winning design. Both Camelview and Sonoran Village are draped with vegetation that creates a “park-like” atmosphere for each unit, and both include public space, businesses, cafes and more.

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