Outside Refreshed

A new look for your home hangout 


Homeowners in our vicinity are looking outward. This means their backyards, of course, but the area getting the most buzz is up front. “The biggest trend I’ve seen is the front courtyard,” says Michael Gilson, owner of Arcadia Design Build. “People in Arcadia want that neighborhood feel. Hanging out in front gives them that.”

That means plenty of seating, often around a fireplace or water feature. Shade structures and armadas are also moving from the backyard to the front. Even full outdoor kitchens have been making appearances on courtyards all over the vicinity. The style depends on the home, says Gilson. “You have to match it to your home. If your home is contemporary, then steel and vibrant colors are what you’ll want. More classical design pairs better with brick and stone.”

“Arcadians are definitely into the color,” says Roger Booth, owner of All Care Horticultural Services. Whereas in other parts of the Valley, desert landscaping is all the rage, flowers are definitely what’s in in our vicinity. “Lady Banks are really popular right now. They’re a small rose that comes in a lot of different colors. They give a lawn a lot of pop. Best part is, they can climb walls.”

Another popular flower is a type of Tecoma bell called “Sparky.” “It blooms maroon and gold — ASU colors,” says Booth.

Pick your best time of day, but it’s always a great season to enjoy your outside spaces.

Arcadia Design Build, LLC

The importance of providing clients with an accurate rendering of a project is not lost on owner Michael Gilson. “Oftentimes, people have to take loans to complete these projects. If we finish construction and some aspect isn’t exactly what they wanted, it’s not like it’s easy to just get another loan.” For this reason, Gilson uses Chief Architect, a design software that makes 3-D designs quick and easy.

2500 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix
(602) 577-5005

All Care Horticultural Services, LLC

“A lot of people think you have to water your grass every day,” says Roger Booth, owner of All Care. “We do the opposite.” In a desert climate prone to drought, this is a valuable lesson. All Care uses a custom fertilizer blend from a local company named Fertizona because, as Booth says, “it’s better adapted to the climate than the stuff you’re going to find at any big-box hardware store.”

1731 E. Yukon Dr., Phoenix
(602) 437-1500
(602) 541-1513

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