Prepping for Roses, Roses & More Roses


As the rose season comes upon us, it is a great idea to prepare your garden and know a little something about what to do. From full rose gardens to the potted plant, our Vicinity experts Berridge Nurseries can help. Berridge Nurseries is known for its extensive selection of bare-root roses in the winter and container roses throughout the year. While planting doesn’t begin for a while, the preparation is happening at our neighborhood nursery.

In the meantime, Berridge Nurseries has many rose varieties for purchase to place in pots and other planters to brighten your patio and gardens this fall. Varieties that do well this time of year include Sheer Elegance, which loves the sun but, here in the Southwest, benefit from afternoon shade.

Each year in late November, Berridge brings in more than 5,000 bare-root roses in more than 100 varieties. The first selection of roses is placed into their bare-root rose bins and are available for purchase in December and January. The remaining new roses are canned up in specially blended rose soil and are offered for sale typically by mid-February.

pink-roseGrowing Roses in the Southwest

  • Get tips on how to keep roses thriving in the heat. Here are some (obvious but important) tips for keeping roses alive and well:
  • Water often and deep. Watering varies depending on the time of year, but keeping roots wet is essential.
  • Use plenty of mulch. Mulching is essential for keeping roots cool and moist.
  • Roses need some shade. The heat of the early day is OK as roses are tough plants. However, the flowers need shade in the true heat of the afternoon.

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