Mix It Up

Photo: The Gladly It’s five on a Friday and the glug-glug sound of liquid into glass is on the brain and pulling you to the nearest superb place to escape for a cocktail. Waiting there will be a bartender, or mixologist, or drink artist, or whatever you...

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Pack of Mules

Pack it in and go for a ride on a mule. These popular drinks that originated on the East Coast are served in a copper mug and made to enjoy. The copper keeps the drink cold (and looks so appealing and adventurous). 5th and Wine 7051 E. 5th Ave., Scottsdal...

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All about Sunday Comfort

Join the chef at The Gladly on Sunday nights for the restaurant’s “old fashioned” take on the classic Sunday diner. Fried chicken has long been a Southern Sunday supper staple, and The Gladly is taking the classic comfort food trend westward with it...

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